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Valves & Well Control Equipments Maintenance

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Valves & Well Control Equipments Maintenance

Techno Gears undertakes repair & refurbishment with testing & recertification of all kinds of valves and pressure control equipment for the Oil & Gas industry, petrochemical refineries, fertilizer plants, power plants and other service industries for more than a period of 10 years.

Overview Services

Our Major services include Testing and recertification of High-Pressure Equipment’s, Critical equipment’s, in-situ repair works, on site flange facing, PRV Calibration, testing & repair, Choke & Kill Manifolds, Annular BOP, single & double RAM BOP
Our Minor services include repair / refurbish all types of valves, wellheads, SSV’s, actuators, gate valves. ball Valves & pulsation Dampeners.
Techno Gears have engineers with vast experience in this field have the capability to identity the problem, to find out the solution & also perform all kinds of inspections on the equipment’s to we meet all of the clients requirements and specifications.